About us

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My lifelong passion has been finding and creating the perfect balance between flavors in beverages and combining them into exciting drinks for all occasions. 

Starting out in the hospitality industry to learn what the words quality, balance really meantand on my way via restaurants kitchens, dining rooms, hotels and wine cellars, I believe that I learned to really appreciate and understand those words. 

So, for the past 27 years, that has been my quest as a master blender to create exciting products all the way from Rums, Liqueurs, Vodkas, Whiskeys and Gins,to most recently non-alcohol-based beverages.  

Growing up in Sweden, my first challenge was to give the s.k Swedish Punsch a renaissance. In 1993, FACILE Swedish Punsch was created, later to be followed by other classic Swedish traditional beverages. This “funky” rum-based type of Liqueur was introduced for the first time in Sweden in September 1733 and is still today enjoyed in that country, as well as around the world displayed in numerous classic cocktails.  Read more about the history on www.kronanpunsch.com 

Many years later, now living in the USA, I started to look into the possibility of using this experience to create interesting complex products but without using alcohol. 

After making several gins over the years with an almost endless variation of botanicals, of course with Italian Juniper as the star and the fresh citrus notes from Sicilian lemons, lime and bitter orange just to mention a few, the choice was easy… Let’s make a Gin & Tonic that has all the qualities of a premium gin and blend with a perfectly harmonizing tonic. Read more

But Perfect Drinks is more that that. Here I want to display not only my own creations but also other “perfect” products that I myself like and use. 

I hope that you find these products interesting and that they tickle your interest and desire to try. 

I will love to hear back from you with comments, ideas and reviews.  


Henrik Facile – Master Blender and flavor enthusiast