Pimento Ginger Chili Tonic (10 Pack)


First, the surprise of ginger – full and fruity. Then, the shock of chilli – hot and amazing. A thrilling heat wave runs through your body.
The unique taste and sensation of Pimento.
You need a second sip. A second experience.
You just won’t want any other soft drink from now on!

(With lime it’s even better)

You’ll love the kick!


Pimento Spicy Ginger Chili Tonic is a truly versatile beverage. Great with savory food, delicious is any non- or alcohol-based cocktails… visit the website for more info: www.pimentousa.com

Today in over 40 markets around the world and growing…

The owner of the brand Eric, when asked why he created Pimento his explanation was… 

“I have always loved strong drinks, those that burn the lips and set your mouth on fire. For a long time, I was searching for a fiery alcohol-free soft drink to drink on its own and to use as the best mixer ever “ ( read more)

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